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Following our last post about living intentionally, we're reminded of one our company's principal aims - to design timeless accessories that are functional, stylish, and versatile. Elizabeth Cline, author of 'Overdressed' and 'The Conscious Closet' published an article in The Atlantic Monthly a few years back that really bolstered our belief in sustainable alternatives. In "The Power of Buying Less by Buying Better" Cline notes:

"There’s growing evidence that U.S. consumers are slowly gravitating toward spending more per item of clothing anyway. The number of garments purchased in the U.S. has fallen slightly from a high of 68 in 2011, while total spending on clothing has edged up at the same time. And according to a 2014 Nielsen study, 41 percent of Americans responded that they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to making a positive impact socially and environmentally. Among all global respondents to the survey, which spanned 60 countries, more than half of those who would pay extra for a sustainable product were under the age of 34."
“There’s a big trend in the growth of ecological sensibility, the growth in demand for artisanal products, and more handmade items,” explains Juliet Schor, a professor of economics and sociology at Boston College who studies consumer behavior. “More people are rejecting mass-production for aesthetic reasons and because of the exploitation in the fast-fashion system.”
The tide is turning and we're eager to ride this wave.


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