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Go Outside

Go Outside

For those of us living in densely populated areas, learning to set the proper physical distance has left some of us like shut-ins. We just want to remind everyone that’s healthy to get outside, please just do so safely.


In her recent AFAR article, Maggie Fuller reminds us that, “alltrails is a great resource for finding trails, paths, and urban walks near you.” She also cautions that we should avoid meeting up with friends…


“Self-isolation is hard. It takes a lot of effort, preparation, and energy to change your routines and lifestyle, and it can get lonely. But if you’re making all that effort, don’t erase all your hard work by putting yourself in a crowded place. Besides, aren’t the outdoors just a little bit nicer when it feels like you have them all to yourself?”


Team Delaroq agrees that this might just be the perfect time to try Shirin-Yoku a.k.a. Japanese Forest Bathing.


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