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Curate Your Closet

Curate Your Closet

As we approach the end of Earth Week as well as Fashion Revolution Week with a focus on the long-term impact of our daily actions, we must of course include our wardrobes. As Julie Gilhart has mentioned, the word "sustainability" hasn't always been associated with creativity. That is precisely why Delaroq strives to make well-designed, sustainable, luxury goods accessible. We believe that one should never have to choose between style and substance. In fact, the women who inspire us embody the best balance of both, and their closets do too.

In her round up for Who What Wear, Emma Spedding offers valuable tips for making your wardrobe more sustainable. We've included the link to the full article:
Here's our quick summary:
1. Wash your clothes less and avoid the tumble drier to extend the life of your clothing.
2. Organize your wardrobe so that you can 'shop your closet' and take full advantage of what you already have.
3. Subject potential purchases to the 'ex-' test. If you wouldn't want to run into your ex- while wearing a particular garment then it doesn't belong in your closet. Don't buy it.
4.Try to always buy organic cotton and think about the carbon footprint of your clothing.
5. Never throw clothing in the trash. Maintain and mend your clothing. When you're ready to let it go, donate it to someone else who can use it.
6. Ask brands questions when you aren't sure about the origin or process behind the product.
7. Alter pieces that you already own to give them a new life.
8. Buy things with longevity in mind.
9. Carefully check the quality of pieces before buying.
10. Read the labels while shopping to learn more about the effort a brand has made to incorporate sustainability in the production process.


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