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Spring Clean Your Home

Spring Clean Your Home

Designer William Morris once said: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” We think that Marie Kondo would agree. Spring clean or feng shui, whatever you prefer. Spending quality time with our surroundings has been one of the most soothing things our team has done while sheltering-in-place. Here's a summary of helpful tips from Hannah Yasharoff for @usatoday.



  1. Take advantage of having more time on your hands. You have the chance to really tend to all of those things that are usually put off.


  1. Make a to-do list, then divide and conquer sections of the home (over a series of days).


  1. Channel your inner Marie Kondo (and if have kids, ask them to join you). Embrace the process of thinking about what best serves your needs and what brings you joy.


  1. Short on cleaning products? No problem “For a DIY disinfectant… combine one cup of water with one cup of rubbing alcohol (optional: about 20 to 30 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oils to increase antibacterial properties). For window washing, a mix of equal parts vinegar and dish soap works as well as commercial glass cleaners.”


  1. Don't forget your before and after pictures. Not only will this inspire accountability, you’ll just feel a sense of achievement and calm.


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