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Support Others

As we support courageous international relief efforts, we are also thinking about how we might lend a local hand (even if virtually) to those who might be more vulnerable around us. In her article, 'How To Help During The Age of Corona Virus, In Addition To Staying Home', Natalia Gontchorova has brought together a handy set of suggestions for Refinery 29. We recommend the entire article, but here's a quick summary to get you started:

1. Check on your elderly neighbors and anyone being quarantined.

2. If you can, financially support those in your community who are losing wages.

3. Support small businesses that are losing revenue.

4. Give to charities that support people affected by the coronavirus.

5. Give blood if you can do so safely.

6. Speak up against xenophobia and racism.

7. Stop the spreading of false information and rumors.


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