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Turn Inwards

Turn Inwards

In such an abnormal moment of fiscal and physical uncertainty, it is completely normal for anxiety and fears to mount. When you're not working, please take a moment to turn inwards and check in with yourself. Whether that means meditate, pray, write in your journal, pull Tarot cards, or learn more about your enneagram, it's important to connect to yourself so that you may feel more settled.
In Erin Bunch's recent Well+Good article about "tips for distancing yourself from overwhelming worry," clinical psychologists Dr. Elana Cairo and Dr. Aimee Daramus offer various techniques for "halting worry loops in their tracks." Our favorite recommendation: "Create a library of nourishing activities: you can lean on."
“[For distracting yourself from worry], any type of activity is great, but I would try to think about activities that are nourishing rather than depleting,” says Dr. Cairo. “The two main categories would be activities that bring you joy or happiness to some degree and then activities where you can get a sense of achievement.” She recommends making a list of these and keeping it posted somewhere easy to reference, so that when you feel a worry cycle coming on, interrupting it requires only minimal effort."



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