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Women We Love: Aya Kanai

Women We Love: Aya Kanai


DELAROQ is pleased to commence our new series of portraits, Women We Love, with Marie Claire's newly crowned editor, Aya Kanai. Kanai is the first of the many accomplished and well-rounded women that move us. Beyond merely ‘influencing’ us, the Women We Love, live purposely and contribute to communities that form across generations, across vocations, and across oceans. They also embody the DELAROQ ethos of living meaningfully.

As Kanai stated in a recent interview with Women’s Wear Daily: “With 29 international editions, Marie Claire has been about global female empowerment since 1937… I’m excited to lead a brand with so many sisters around the world. The Marie Claire woman is confident and clear-thinking, whether it is about her career, the makeup and skincare she uses, the clothes she wears or the technology that powers everything she does. With a growing experiential business, this is a 360-degree brand that speaks to enterprising women on the rise.”

As a dedicated fashion professional, it is the combination of her hard work over two decades in combination with her daily efforts as a parent, a partner, and a family member that remind us to cherish the richly dynamic lives that so many women lead. It’s also the humanity and good humor with which Kanai embraces her own multi-faceted lifestyle that gently reminds us that sometimes we really do have it all… and that we are capable.



Favorite DELAROQ bag: Troisiéme Top Handle Satchel in Midnight 

What does influence mean to you?

On social media it means your audience trusts your recommendations and you take care to only recommend items that you are truly using and enjoying.  

What does female community mean to you and how do you cultivate it?

I am very lucky that many of my friends from before my professional life are still my close friends now. When we get together I feel grounded in a place that has nothing to do with who you know or what you’re doing.  

What do you like most about your personal style?

The older I get the less I am swayed or drawn in by trends. Over the years I have tried them all! It’s fun to have gone through that full evolution but I’m glad to be on the other side. 

Tell us about some of the current or upcoming projects that excite you most?

I am starting an exciting new job in 2020. I’m terrified but also thrilled. 2020 will certainly be a year of new challenges! 



Photographer & Producer: Renee Bevan

Project Management: Margaret Liu Clinton

Makeup: Anie Lamm-Siu

Hair: Tiffany Fodor 

Styling: Siobhan Coffey 

Photo Assistant: Millie Crawford 

Special thanks to Liberty Studio



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